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Educational Advocate

As an Advocate, Ms. Waldinger educates and empowers families so that they can effectively advocate for their child’s educational needs.  Included in her professional services are the following:


  • Direct representation and consultation to families through
    attendance at Student Study Team meetings, IEP and 504
    meetings, as well as Informal Dispute Resolution Conferences.


  • Skillful identification and articulation of the needs of the child
    designed to achieve appropriate positive outcomes. 


  • Obtaining and monitoring Special Education services for
    students who require specialized supports and services.


  • Providing support services as part of the team of parents and
    professionals who work with the child to ensure that he/she
    receives the full range of services he/she is entitled to in order
    to learn.  


  • Assistance in seeking funding for nonpublic schools and residential treatment programs, if appropriate for the student.  

  • Assistance with curriculum development and monitoring.  

  • Participation in transition planning from early intervention to preschool and developing Individualized Transition Plans to secure services and support for youth moving from high school into adulthood.

  • Observing schools and classroom settings and collaborating with professionals (including Special Education attorneys) on behalf of students with disabilities.

  • Thoroughly consider all perspectives and possible outcomes for the student and discuss these options for services and placement with the family.


As a Special Educational Consultant, Ms. Waldinger leads classes and workshops for parents, teachers and other professionals in the areas of Special Education, due process procedures and the rights of the disabled.  Additionally, she performs observations of classroom and school settings and provides analysis of academic records and assessments, program and classroom evaluations.  She also provides IEP development and monitoring for parents, attorneys, psychologists and doctors working with clients who have Special Needs.



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