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“You are the reason our son is finally at a school where he can learn, feel good about himself and be HAPPY.  Thank you for changing our world into a positive one.  You are very good at what you do.  It is people like you that give parents hope, and in our case VICTORY.  Thank you.”

   -- J.F., Los Angeles --


“Lori, I am certain that you made a difference in my child's life, as well as a difference in mine. Thank you for your help, understanding and support.”

   -- R.W., Pasadena --


“My Husband and I want to thank you for your sincere interest and help in getting the appropriate schooling for our daughter.  In our journey with our daughter, we've been blessed by meeting some truly caring people.  Thank you again for your help.”

   -- M.H., Burbank --

“Lori, I want to thank you for your work with our family.  You stood by me each step of the way, and still do, ready to provide your wise counsel whenever I call.  You are the best -- and a lovely person, too!”

   -- P.A., Palos Verdes --


“Lori, words cannot express the gratitude that my daughter and I have for you!  You have made such an incredible difference in my daughter's educational experience. We both have learned so much from you. We look forward to a wonderful high school year and are grateful to have you as a key part of my daughter’s high school team.”

   -- J.N., South Pasadena --


“Lori, you are awesome!  Thank you so much for your help!”

   -- G.B. and N.F., La Canada --


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