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Guide to Organizing Documents

For the initial meeting, you will need to make a written request for copies of all records from your child’s current and previous schools of attendance.  (I can provide a sample letter upon request).  Records regarding your child may also be kept at the school district office and with related school personnel.  By law, the educational agency has five (5) business days after receiving the request to forward those records to you.  If you cannot afford the costs of duplicating those records, you may ask that they be forwarded at no cost. 


At a minimum (and as applicable), the documents you obtain should include the following:

  • School District assessments and reports

  • IEPs and 504 plans

  • Student Study Team notes

  • Grades and progress reports (report cards, quarterly reports, etc.)

  • Standardized test results

  • Discipline records

  • Evaluations from private providers

  • Decisions or settlements in any prior due process hearings 


It would also be helpful to obtain all records from the Regional Center, as well as from any other agencies and professionals who have worked with and conducted assessments of your child. 


I highly recommend organizing these documents in chronological order, starting with the earliest records on the bottom and the most recent ones on the top.  You should separate each school year with a tab or sheet of colored paper.  You may also want to place identifying tabs on key documents, such as IEPs, and important medical and assessment reports. 



Please do not provide original documents.

Make clear, legible, one-sided copies.


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